Airplanes ~ B.O.B (Feat. Hayley Williams of Paramore)

Posted: July 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

I like this song for the simple fact that it challenges us to look back at the old days. The days when we struggled to get to where we are. The days when we were just ourselves and didn’t have the pressures of living up to anyone’s expectations except for our own. When days were simpler and there wasn’t so much stress. The days when we could be ourselves and never had to explain or apologize for it. The days when our passions drove us instead of a paycheck. I think we could all use a wish right now. There are times when we lose ourselves in the daily grind and find it hard to find time to do what we love and just chill. We reflect on the “good days” and wish to go back but the past is the past. The past wasn’t meant to last. We have today so we have to find what we are passionate about and run with it and never look back. Never forget to keep life simple and take control of our own destiny. Not let politics or people bully us into following the rules. Rules were meant to broken and taking risks is the only way to live. Break free and go with your passion and bring the strength you had in the past to now because only you can control your destiny. Don’t forget to wish on airplanes and shooting stars.


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