Jar of Hearts ~ Christina Perri

Posted: July 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

The opening verse in Jar of Hearts has one line that sticks out to me. “You lost the love I loved the most.” is one line that I think a lot of people can relate to. There is someone who we love unconditionally and with all our hearts, but sometimes things don’t work out, and then it’s over and we didn’t have a choice. The only choice you have is to live without them however easy or hard. It’s exceptionally hard when you know that person you loved so much is running around and making a mess of love. Taking and using people and then when they are ready to settle down or there is no one left they come back. This song speaks so much strength. It would be so easy just to go back into the arms of the one who hurt you but in the end it would be the worst thing. When I was a teenager I met someone who I thought I loved. We dated for a summer and then when the summer ended so did we. He only came back when he was lonely. There were a few times he stood me up to hangout with other girls, and I was left to wonder why I was never good enough for him. He tried to come back when I was 20. I didn’t let him and he moved on. There were many time that “I wished I had missed the first that we kissed. I love the chorus in this song! Seriously, “who do these people think they are” that they can just run around breaking people’s hearts? This will always be one of my favorite songs. Jar of Hearts is a song that will continue to remind us that we deserve better and deserve someone who will keep their promises, continue to fight for us, and will never leave us to figure out how to put “the light back in our eyes.”


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