Let Me Be Myself – 3 Doors Down

Posted: July 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

This is probably one of the most relate-able songs. Ever since grade school we all at one point tried to “fit in.” We would stick our likes and beliefs on a dusty shelf for the sake of being the “it” person. In doing that, we eventually loose ourselves and the person we always dreamed of being. The beginning of this song says it all.

I guess i just got lost
Bein’ someone else
I tried to kill the pain
Nothin ever helped
I left myself behind
Somewhere along the way
Hopin to come back around
To find myself someday


We think that we can turn ourselves in to the type of person that everyone needs or is looking for, and then when things cool down we can work on becoming who we want to be. It doesn’t work that way and this song is a great way of reminding us of that. Also, we don’t have to wait for anyone to tell us what is acceptable or have to live up to anyone’s expectations. All we are required to do is be ourselves and follow our heart so we can “shine with our own light.” So the lesson here is just be yourself and never apologize for following your heart.


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