Couldn’t Decide…

Posted: June 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

As I was looking for a song for this post I ran across many good ones. Some I hadn’t heard in a while and it sent me spiraling down memory lane. It was hard to pick just one song. It came down to a toss-up between “World So Cold” by Three Days Grace, “Dear Agony” – Breaking Benjamin and “Scars” from Papa Roach. All three of these songs are deep and reach to the core of our emotions. There are times when we try to hide it but like in “World So Cold” sometimes we become so numb we fail to realize what is going on around us. “Scars” by Papa Roach defines what it is that can get us living in a “World So Cold” because sometimes we give too much of ourselves. We love someone so deeply that when we run into the fork in the road where we are forced to choose, to love in hurt or walk away. It’s never an easy choice but sometimes we have to save ourselves and let others, even the ones we love, live with the consequences of their actions. “Dear Agony” by Breaking Benjamin explains what it feels like to lose that “light” in your life. It’s never easy to move on from hurt, and sometimes we find ourselves in the pit of despair and it seems that not even love can bring us back. There is a voice inside that tells you to keep fighting while the hurt and agony of heartache fight just as hard. Through pain I am sure these songs were written but there is a happy ending to it all. It may not be the day after or even the year after but eventually life will pick up where it left off, and agony is replaced with joy and tears are replaced with laughter. It’s in these times you have to depend on those around you, and even listen to music that can reach you in a place that no one else can.


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